My name is Pablo Cortina.  I was an obstetrician-gynecologist for thirty two years.  I attended Stanford University School of Medicine, did an internship in internal medicine at Baylor Affiliated Hospitals in Houston, and did a residency in obstetrics and gynecology at Stanford University Medical Center.  During my time in practice, I delivered approximately 8000 babies.  No two deliveries were exactly the same.  The one common theme for all the deliveries, however, was a palpable excitement at the time of delivery from the people gathered in the delivery room.  There was an effort by those gathered to keep treasured mementos of the delivery which included videotaping, taking photographs, having hospital staff and guests sign a baby book, and keeping the placenta among others.

For quite a few years, the tradition that I and many other obstetricians have followed is to give scissors to the chosen person in the room who has been selected to cut the umbilical cord.  After the cord is cut, the scissors are returned to the physician so that the instrument can be returned to central processing for cleaning and sterilization.  On one Sunday afternoon, there was a proud father of the baby who really wanted to keep the scissors after the baby was born.  Unfortunately, he could not keep the scissors as they belonged to the hospital.  This incident, however, gave me the idea of designing a pair of scissors that could be kept by the family as a keepsake.

It is with this purpose in mind that I designed the keepsake scissors which you can keep as a memento along with the traditional keepsakes.  Without further ado, I refer you to the web pages so that you can read about this very special instrument.  And my hope is for every expectant mother to have a delivery which is special and problem free.  Feel free to follow me on Twitter and Linkedin.



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